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AquaCarb - Aquarium Plant Carbon Supplement and Algae Controller

AquaCarb - Aquarium Plant Carbon Supplement and Algae Controller

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Recommended to use along with AquaVitals Macros and AquaVitals Micros


 - All essential nutrients

 - Plant Hormones

 - Trace Elements

 - Amino Acids

 - Various sources of Carbon (Glutaraldehyde Free)

 that are required for plant rooting and cell division at various stages of plant growth.



- AquaCarb is a comprehensive mixture of biologically available organic carbon sources and plant hormones, which aid in overall growth and development of plants in the aquarium.

- It aids in better absorption of nutrients from substrate and aquarium supplements used. It can be used in aquariums with or without Co2.

- Since its Glutaraldehyde free, it provides benefits like avoiding algae while avoiding all side effects.



Use 5ml per every 100L of water on daily basis. 


Manufactured and Marketed By:


A Brand of WoodenCart Online Services LLP,

H. No. 5-12-123, Mangapuram Colony, Near Meerpet, Moula-

Ali, Hyderabad, Medchal - Malkajgiri, Telangana, 500040,


Customer Support: +91 8886776279

Month / Year of manufacture: June 2022

Expiry Date: Best before 24 months from the date of manufacture.


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