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Nitrifying Bacteria - Aquarium Water Conditioner

Nitrifying Bacteria - Aquarium Water Conditioner

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Nitrogen is an important nutrient for any plant life, both aquatic and otherwise. They help the plants grow, carry out their regular molecular and enzymatic functions, and do so much more. Yet just as a deficiency of Nitrogen can lead to several issues in an aquarium, so an excess of it. This is where Nitrifying Bacteria come in.

NITRIFYING BACTERIA is useful in decomposing nitrogenous waste in the aquarium leading to clean and odorless aquariums. 

The nitrogenous waste is made available for plants and help them grow better. The time required for the cycling process of the new tank can be reduced and distributed microflora due to usage of aquarium medicines can be restored using this product.

Effects of Nitrifying Bacteria in Aquariums

  • Removal of excess inorganic chemicals (including nitrogen, and other macro and micronutrients) from aquariums
  • Decomposition of nitrogenous waste into useful nutrients for aquatic plant life
  • Provision of a clean, odorless aquarium


Our Tested and Trusted Remedy

Tested and trusted for removing excess nutrients and converting nitrogenous waste into useful compounds for the plants within the aquarium, our Nitrifying Bacteria Supplement is the perfect remedy for handling excess nitrogenous wastes and keeping the aquarium clean and odorless.

Created by our team of experts dedicated to providing nothing less than top quality products, our Aquarium Nitrifying Bacteria Supplement is expertly designed to be easy to use and safe for your aquarium life.

Proper Supplement Usage

Use one teaspoon for every 100 litres of water in the aquarium. Apply supplement either every 15 days, after changing water, or when required based on the bio-load and usage of other aquarium medicine.

Caution: Only for aquarium use. Keep away from children. Store in shade away from direct sunlight.


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