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Complete Booster - Aquarium Plant Nutrient Booster Supplement

Complete Booster - Aquarium Plant Nutrient Booster Supplement

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Recommended to use along with AquaVitals Macros and AquaVitals Micros

 What is a Complete Booster?

Root Enhancers

Having thick and deeper roots is crucial for any plant. It is more crucial for an aquarium plant. 

Without adequate roots an aquarium plant:

- Will not be able to absorb minerals from the substrate or soil.

- Will not be able to grow strong and multiply (especially for carpet plants). 

- Easily gets uprooted (because of water buoyancy or fish disturbing the soil)


Colour Enhancers

Provides essential amino acids like Glycine, Alanine, Arginine, Glutamic acid which are important for bright coloration in plants.

Apart from coloration, these amino acids help in:

- Arginine: is very important in growth promotion as bio-simulator

- Glutamic acid: helps in nitrogen assimilation

- Glycine: helps to increase the resistance against plant leaves deterioration and essential for Chlorophyll Synthesis.

Growth Promoters

Plant growth promoters facilitate in proper absorption of these nutrients (both from water column and substrate) leading to cell division (auxins) and stem elongation (cytokinins) i.e., it increases overall "Nutrient absorption capacity" (NAC) which ultimately helps in reaching the goal of a healthy planted tank.

Growth Promoters in general are highly temperature-sensitive and are required to be stored in cold environments. Complete Booster’s unique formulation helps the compounds to be stable even at room temperature.

Organic Carbon Sources

Carbon is the basic building block of all living things on this planet and plants need it too. In an aquarium, plants get carbon from Co2 in water and fertilisers used. But Co2 that is available in water is not enough and hence we attach a Co2 cylinder to increase the concentration of Co2 in water. 

Liquid Co2 is a myth. It is Glutaraldehyde and is harmful to plants.

For aquarium that doesn’t have the Co2 setup, people use “Liquid Co2” as an alternate source. Most of the products available as “Liquid Co2” are glutaraldehyde based which is harmful to plants. It kills the plant tissue, and when the plant compensates the loss by growing fresh leaves, it appears as new growth, but in reality, it's the plant fighting back the side effects of the harmful chemical.

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Use 5ml per every 100L of water on a daily basis. 


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