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Potassium - Aquarium Plant Nutrient Supplement

Potassium - Aquarium Plant Nutrient Supplement

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Every living organism needs a number of macronutrients without which it can not function properly.

The organisms in your aquarium are no different. Whether it is the fishes, the aquatic plants, or whatever other aquatic life forms your aquarium may contain, these macronutrients are necessary for them to survive.

The Primary Macros

Three macronutrients are vital for all living organisms and hence, are required in your aquarium:

  • Nitrogen (N) ─ This is an essential macronutrient for plant development and promotes cellular multiplication
  • Phosphorus (P) ─ This is an essential macronutrient for root and flower growths in plants
  • Potassium (K) ─ This is an essential macronutrient for the regulation of water in plants as well as the transport of other nutrients

AquaVitals provides Potassium in pure and most bioavailable to avoid deficiency symptoms. 

Effects of Macronutrient Deficiency in Aquariums

  • Slow plant growth in aquariums 
  • Browning and wrinkling leaves 
  • Several other adverse effects on aquatic plants and animals

Our Tested and Trusted Remedy

Tested and trusted for replenishing and maintaining the desired Potassium concentration in any given aquarium, our Potassium Supplement is the perfect remedy for Potassium deficiency in aquatic plants and animals.

Created by our team of experts dedicated to providing nothing less than top quality products, every Aquarium Potassium Supplement contains Potassium in its purest form and has been tested to ensure both their safety and efficiency.

This is available in liquid form and added directly to the aquarium.

Proper Supplement Usage

Use 5ml of this solution per 100 liters of water on alternate days.

Day 1: Potassium

Day 2: break

Day 3: Potassium

Day 4: break .. and so on...

If you are using AquaVitals Macros, Use Potassium on the same day as that of AquaVitals Macros.

Caution: Only for aquarium use. Keep away from children. Store in shade away from direct sunlight.


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